TFW you have to sit through an entire standup just to unmute to be able to say “no updates”

As with last month, almost no activity has happened on the pkmn (or programming of any sort) front, with quite a bit of time being spent on finding a new place to live and other concerns. Unfortunately, one would expect next month will involve a lot of time dedicated to moving and getting situated. Not having the time or mental capacity to move forward on pkmn is a different sort of beast than being burnt out which is positive, though there’s still a lot of uncertainty on the timeline for properly getting back in the groove.

I was able to put in a day or two’s work on Generation II engine development — porting code is somewhat of a unique experience compared to regular programming and so usually is the easiest to return to. Unfortunately, Zig v0.12’s release has undefined behavior triggered by the engine which makes it impossible to build the engine with the latest Zig compilers. Such is the nature of the beast — betting on Zig was a risk that so far has paid off but it’s not without its problem. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.

Existing pkmn projects should continue to see maintenance releases at their usual times — over the years tending to the various stable packages has been honed and become part of the routine/automated such that even limited availability should not noticeably impact users.